Exceptional coffee comes from exceptional farms.

Our Coffee

Bolivian Hills

Why does high-altitude matter? Coffee trees need lots of sunlight, but cool air, to produce the perfect flavor. The Bolivian hilltops are the perfect environment. The result are hard, dense coffee beans - rich in flavors unlike anything you'll find in your coastal grocery store coffee.

The Farms

No industrial machinery here: our independent farmers pick the ripest coffee cherries by hand. Then they are sorted, depulped, hulled, and inspected to ensure the utmost quality.

The Roasting

In Miami, our master roasters take charge – meticulously roasting the beans to perfection. Each batch is roasted to exacting flavor profiles tailored to highlight the unique taste inherent to Bolivian coffee. After this crucial stage, our coffee is ground to order, ensuring that every bag is filled with the freshest coffee possible.


Quality control is paramount at 1775 Coffee Company, and our roasts undergo stringent testing and tasting to meet our exacting standards. Our team of experts scrutinizes every roast, from aroma and flavor notes to consistency in grind size. Only after passing these rigorous assessments does our Premium Coffee earn the privilege of being individually packed and prepared for shipment.